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“Ever since I was little my parents have been really involved in the military. My dad was in the military for ten years. He went to the Air Force Academy, which is a school both my brother and my sister attend. It is almost like a family tradition we have, and we are heavily supportive of the military. I might even be attending that school next year, I just think that is has so many cool options and opportunities, and the possibility of giving back to the country that has given to you is very interesting to me. When I was little I moved around a lot. I have lived here for four years, but when I was younger I moved around to 7 different places and I think that is a pretty important part about who I am today. I think it has helped me be a lot more sociable with people, and I really enjoy meeting new people. I have a high emphasis on friendships because I think that is one thing I have gained from each place I move, a close relationship with at least one person that I have tried to keep up, so I guess that has made me more appreciative of the people I have in my life.”