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Foston joins counseling staff

By Josh Alvarez and Phillip Fleming

Foston takes a moment to speak with Oak Leaf reporters. Photo courtesy of Josh Alvarez
Foston takes a moment to speak with Oak Leaf reporters. Photo courtesy of Josh Alvarez

Counselor Elizabeth Foston joined the school’s staff this fall. Foston previously worked at Jesse Bethel High in Vallejo and Deer Valley High in Antioch. She’s been a high school counselor for seven years.

Foston says she joined AHS because, “I wanted to work somewhere closer to home and work with a different demographic.”

Foston likes to see AHS students with, “A positive attitude, determination, resilience and honesty.” and her favorite thing about the school is, “The student’s motivation”

Her mother inspired her to become a counselor. “My mother was a very big influence. I love working with youth, encouraging them, and helping them with their future,” Foston said.

When asked about her first impression of AHS students,  Foston replied, “They’re motivated, driven, focused, and personable.”

Senior Julie Vu has Foston as her counselor this year. “She seemed easy to approach, like she had a lot of experience,” Vu said about Foston.

Vu says, “My counselor was a man before, so I feel a bit more comfortable talking to Foston because I feel like she can relate.”

Foston is one of four counselors on staff. This year is fellow counselor Janice Loy’s 18th year at AHS. Loy said, “I thought she would be a good addition to the AHS experience. She seemed like an experienced counselor, and she knows what she’s doing.”

Loy goes on to say, “she’s very easy to work with, a good communicator, and she works well with students and families.”

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