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Club spotlight: Environmental Club

By Kenan Hurem

Environmental Club
Club President Ava Hembree, sophomore
Club meets the last Tuesday of every month at lunch in room 233


Q: What is the main idea of your club?

A: “The main idea of this club is to spread awareness about environmental issues and get high school students more involved with it by participating in events.”

Q: Who might be interested in joining this club?

A: “If you are interested in helping the environment and want to make the world a better place, then this might be the club for you.”

Q: What do you do in this club?

A: “In this club do trash audits, beach cleanups, and make posters around the school to encourage high school students to be more environmental.”

Q: What are the goals of the club?

A: “The goals of the club will be to reduce trash at school, have more people recycle and make the garden a better place at the school.”

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