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New teacher spotlight: Mr. Urban

By Ashley Heng

Radek Urban is a new math teacher at AHS this year.  The Oak Leaf interviewed Urban about his year so far.

Urban hellps
Urban helps a student during class.


Q. How long have you been teaching?

A. “Zero years.” [It is Urban’s first year of teaching. ]

Q. Why did you become a teacher?

A. “I became a teacher because I wanted to give back to the community in a way that I thought would have the greatest impact and prepare people to get jobs in the math and science field so they can be successful.”

Q. What do you like about AHS?

A. “I don’t like the construction on campus, but I do like the non-traditional set of buildings and it adds a lot of character to the regular architecture that you expect from a school.”

Q: What are your goals as a teacher?

A: “My goal is to make sure that everyone in my class does well.”

Q: What is one fun fact about yourself?

A: “I was in the army.”

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