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Club Spotlight: Muslim Student Association

By Aria Aadel

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Co-presidents of MSA Famia Akter and Eman Khatri, both juniors, spoke with The Oak Leaf.

Muslim Student Association
Co-President Eman Khatri, junior
Club meets Wednesdays at lunch in room 151

Q: What is the purpose of this club?

A:”We want to promote unity amongst our peers and also help make our community less islamophobic and being more aware of each other’s cultures and stuff like that… We’re doing a fundraiser right now for promoting Rohingya Muslims, promoting peace and love… making sure our school is more open to different ideas and even if you disagree with Islam, you should be able to have a more accurate perception of us.”

Q: Who would be interested in the club?

A: “Everyone. We want it to be like Muslims and non-Muslims because it’s important to be an ally and to learn about different cultures and religions.”

Q: What do you do in the club?

A: “Right now we’re doing a fundraiser so we’re prepping for that.. Also separately I’m doing this  Representation Matters event and one of our speakers is going to be Muslim and so she’ll  represent [us].  We’ve also met with Encinal MSA, so other things we can do are collaborate with other MSA’s. 

Q: What are the goals of the club this year?

A: “To make sure we create a positive and safe environment at Alameda High School and a more understanding environment. Just build our community.”


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