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Club Spotlight: Paws Crossed

By Aria Aadel

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Paws Crossed
Club President Hallie Doan, junior
Club meets Thursdays at lunch in room 207

Q: What is the purpose of this club?

A: “The purpose of this club is to raise money for underfunded animal shelters in the area.”

Q: Who would be interested in the club?

A: “I think anyone who wants community service hours would be interested… And also people who like animals.”

Q: What do you do in the club?

A: “We have bake sales to raise money for the animal shelters. We spread awareness of current events that are happening and we also get to eat all the food from our events that are extras.”

Q: What are the goals of the club this year?

A: “To raise money and also to have fun and get community service.”

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