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Club spotlight: Stock Club

By Andrew Lau

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Co-presidents Ethan West and Matthew Yep talk about the Stock Club.

Stock Club
Co-President Matthew Yep, senior
Club meets Tuesdays at lunch in room 215

Q: What is the purpose of Stock Club?

A: Ironically, Stock Club is not about the stock market whatsoever; the sole purpose of Stock Club Alameda High is to play the Nintendo Classic Smash Brothers Melee. And really just to teach anyone who wants to learn, provide a place for the competitive players to play against each other, and just to create this community that’s just founded on the game.

Q: Who would be interested in joining the club?

A: I’d say that really, Stock Club is open to all… I wouldn’t say that there is necessarily a certain demographic of students that join the club, [because] we just really look to celebrate diversity and just embrace anyone who wants to come out and play–you know, everyone of all types of skill levels, all genders, all backgrounds.

Q: What do you do in Stock Club?

A: Recently, we have just been playing Melee, playing doubles, playing singles, playing one-on-ones, all of that. And then, as for outside of the game, what we’ve been doing is, we officially wrote our club constitution and all our officers. And we got the club officially chartered by the school, which is awesome. And we’ve been working to design t-shirts, and those t-shirts will hopefully raise some funds that we can put towards organizing a tournament, and getting more set-ups

Q: What are the goals of Stock Club this year? 

A: The goal of the club is really to create a community at Alameda High where everyone can join and everyone can have fun playing Melee, and you know we don’t want to just be a one year thing, [because] Ethan (Ethan West, co-president) and I are going to graduate next year.  But what we want to do is just to create a sustainable difference, so that Stock Club will continue to be a thing even when we graduate and that it will carry on and just provide a safe haven, and a community where everyone can be a part of.

You know it’s not just about the game, it’s about a place where we can have friends and hang out and be who you are and have lots of fun.

Q: Thanks Matt.  Is there anything else you would wish to add?

A: Typically at high schools, it’s not just at Alameda High, I would say that the student body tends to alienate kids who like to play video games, and kind of just push them aside and look at them as, “oh they’re nerds, they’re weird, they’re geeks.”  But we’re looking to break their stigma, and we really want to provide people a place where that stigma is not around.  We want to show show them that, just because you like video games there’s nothing wrong with that.  


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