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New teacher spotlight: Mr. Veenstra

By Nicky Xu

Veenstra by NX

Chris Veenstra is a new English teacher.  The Oak Leaf interviewed him about his year so far.

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: “I’ve been teaching for [two] years. Prior, I was at Berkeley High and now I’m here.”

Q: What do you like about Alameda High School?

A: “I’ve been really impressed with the conduct of the students and everybody’s good attitude. I feel like people work really hard and are really respectful of their teacher and each other for the most part.”

Q: What are your goals this year?

A: “My goals are to continue to develop as a professional teacher and create more interesting, engaging curriculum that students will enjoy.”

Q: Why did you become a teacher?

A: “I became a teacher because I love helping people, I love English, I love literature but I think that often times, teenagers kind of get a bad rap and I don’t think it’s quite as deserving as it comes off. I am a pretty patient and calm person and I just enjoy being supportive of other people.”

Q: Fun fact?

A: “I love to play music. I play three different instruments [guitar, bass guitar, mandolin] and it’s a big part of my life outside of school.”

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