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Change in schedule means final exams before winter break

By Shengtong Luo

Alameda High School has always held the first-semester final exams in January, several weeks after the winter break. This year, the school changed the schedule and will hold the finals in December before the break. In this case, the first semester will be shorter than the second semester.

Although this was announced last spring, staff and students are just now seeing first-hand how they will be affected by this change.

Senior Leilani Labrie found this news online “at the beginning of the school year” and she “was happy” about it.

“I think it actually helps,” said Labrie about having finals in December, “because a lot of people think that they are going to study over the break, but it usually doesn’t happen.” She said that students did not use the break to prepare for finals in past years. “Most of the people don’t actually study, and they forget everything,” Labrie said.  This new schedule “gives us more of an actual break.”

Labrie said she is not worried about having two semesters that are not equal in length. “In the end of the year, it’s all about the same of time.”

Senior Isabella May said she did not realize finals would be so early  “until a month and a half ago,” but she likes the change. “I am glad that we can do that before the break, because I feel like that’s what they are supposed to be,” May said of the two-week vacation from school.

May said that the new schedule, “doesn’t make me change my studying.” Having finals before the break will not alter her holiday plans, but it will make it so that she doesn’t need to worry about her studies.

On the other hand, “I think it would be ideal to have both of them [semesters] equal,” she added.

Comparing with the original schedule, “I think I like the change,” May said, “because that’s how it works in my middle school, and I like having a before break, so you don’t have to worry about many things during break.”

English teacher Miriam Lenhardt found out about the change in final exams “last year.”  Lenhardt said,“it’s a good idea” to change the finals to December before the winter break, and she said that it “doesn’t make a big impact” on her holiday plans.  Most importantly, she said, “it’s good for the students.”

Lenhardt would like to see one adjustment to the schedule: “I prefer to have the equal semesters, and I hope the school can figure it out,” she said.

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