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Coach Quick hits his stride with basketball team

By Sabrina Serna

Quick runs a practice in the new gym. Photo by Sabrina Serna
Quick runs a practice in the new gym.
Photo by Sabrina Serna

Cameron Quick, head coach of the men’s varsity basketball team, has been leading the men’s program for four years now. Previously he coached basketball at Piedmont High School.

As a high school student, Quick played basketball throughout all four years at St. Joe’s, playing on varsity by his sophomore year. He then got a scholarship to play at Cal State Stanislaus and still plays recreationally today.

Quick’s favorite things about basketball are, “the team aspect, being a family and the competition.”

Quick said that coaching high schoolers can be frustrating when they don’t listen, but  “watching young teenagers grow into young men, watching their growth and development over the four years that you have them” is rewarding.

Quick’s love of basketball runs deep; his day job is in ticket sales for the Warriors.

“During the season I don’t really have a personal life,” Quick said, “so it’s a matter of actually balancing work with coaching. Whatever time I have on the weekends, mostly Sundays, is my personal time, but I really don’t have a lot of personal time during the season.”

Senior Ryan Cibull, who has played for Quick for three years, believes that the coach has made a huge impact on the team’s improvement since he has been at the helm. “Mainly it’s because of his commitment, because of his love for the players and his love for the sport,” Cibull said about Quick.

Cibull said the coach is “professional, always prepared and has a game plan,” adding that “he’s a fatherly figure. You can talk to him about things other than basketball and he prioritizes our school work.”

Senior Noah Schwartz, another varsity player, said Quick has improved the team and that “he’s developed the program into what it is today.”

Senior Andre Smith gives Quick all the credit for the team’s increased success over these past four years. “He looks out for his players and makes sure we stay on top of our academic work. He sees us as more than just players.”

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