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Lady Hornets optimistic about upcoming softball season

By Audrey Soo Hoo

This year the Alameda High School softball team held an early meeting to discuss the upcoming season.  The team has already begun their workout regimen for returning or new softball players.  

“We started open field last week and it’s going well.  It’s always nice to keep practicing before the season starts,” said senior Mira Piamonte.

There are open gaps for the new season that need to be filled by new players.  “Five girls aren’t returning so we’re a little short this year,” said Bella Vick, a senior who has played softball for nine years.

Many players on the team have known each other for eight years or more and they want to make every moment count for their senior year.  “I’m most excited about my high school season and just having fun with my friends who I’ve played with since I was eight years old,” said Vick about her last high school season.

Vick said she is determined to make her last season as a Lady Hornet special.  “It’s going to be fun because it’s my last high school season.  It was hard last year because we had to adjust to new coaches and players but this year we’re adjusted,” said Vick.  

Softball isn’t over for Vick since she has committed to play softball next year at the University of San Diego.

The season will be bittersweet for returning seniors. “I’ve been playing varsity for all four years so spending my last season with people I’ve known my whole life is sad, but I’m excited to leave a lasting impression on the underclassmen,” Piamonte said.

Piamonte is hopeful about the Lady Hornets’ chances this year.  “We’re planning the schedule so we can get into NCS and come back on top so we can be good.  It’s going to be difficult to fill the holes for the players who aren’t returning,” she said.

Being on the softball team requires leadership which is an area Piamonte wants to work on.  “Being a leader is important to work on because I’m captain so I want to lead everyone in a positive way,” said Piamonte.

The Alameda High School softball team’s official season starts on Feb. 5.

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