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New ‘Call of Duty’ offers endless entertainment for gamers

By Adrian Maghanoy


“Call Of Duty’s” newest installment “CoD WW2” is a comeback for the series since fans of the series were disappointed in the last few installments involving boots off the ground. “Call of Duty WW2” brings players back to the past with boots off the ground in more of a world war environment.

“Call Of Duty” has three traditional game modes: campaign/story mode, multiplayer and the fan-loved Nazi zombies. The game also brings gun crates which players can buy using microtransactions and by earning war credits to buy them.

“Call Of Duty’s campaign mode puts you behind the eyes of Ronald “Red” Daniels, requiring you to work with his platoon members, Pvt. Robert Zussman, Sgt. Pierson, Lieutenant Turner and Private Zussman as you go through missions to take down the Nazi army with the French resistance as allies.

“Call Of Duty WW2” also brings back multiplayer (play with other players online) with its original game modes: free for all, team deathmatch and plant and defuse. “Call of Duty” also brings a new unique feature called ‘war mode’, and it provides a new feature in the game with ‘headquarters’. Headquarters helped COD WW2 achieve what previous games could not give to players by providing a hangout zone where players can open crates, go to the firing range to test out their loadouts and look at newly acquired skins, go to the PVP arena where players can have a friendly one-on-one to test their skills competitively or just to have fun.

This game brings “Winter Siege” as a community event for this winter season bringing new features to multiplayer and bringing back the fan favorite “Gun Game,” along with a new map, skins and gear for the player to earn.

“WW2” brings back with the old favorite “Nazi Zombies” which brings fans back to the vintage zombie killing experience and adds a new story mode for players requiring you to play as the four main antagonists Marie Fischer, Jefferson Potts, Olivia Durant, and Drostan Hynd in the first chapter as they work together to recover art pieces stolen in ww2, but in the middle of the mission something goes wrong requiring the players to work together to take down the threat and

What makes this game better than the others is the wide choice of interactive activities and the consistent game updates. The game also gives players the chance to make their leveling process faster with double XP weekend, making it so that players get double the XP (experience points) after each game they play. After playing the game for a while now, it is clear that the game is barely in its prime being only three months since release.  It is exciting to see what else the game has to offer.

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