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The Oak Leaf, a product of the journalism class, is a vehicle of student expression and a public forum for the Alameda High School community. Content is subject to review by staff and adviser only. All opinion pieces represent the viewpoints of the author only. Guest opinion articles are welcome. The Oak Leaf welcomes the opinions of readers. No unsigned letters will be accepted; however, names may be withheld upon request. Staff reserves the right to edit for language and space availability.

Staff Writers: Julian Aguilar, Ezzaddin Altareb, David Batcayar, Jason Chen, Alexis Esparza, Elise Frankel, Ashley Heng, Caelee Johnson, Mackenzie Jordan, Yuri Kim, Maria Krasteff, Christina Lam, Katie Ly, Megan Martin, Brennan Martinez, Victor Mei, Julia Mendelsohn, Zoe Moore, Jerusalem Nerayo, Margaret Pendo, Trevor Robinson Wong, Ford Sicore, Talia Soglin, Moises Tapia, Drake Tinsley, Natalia Watson, Christopher Weber, Konrad Wolfl, Terry Wong, Dahlia Wong, Aleeza Zinn
Adviser: Kelly Gregor
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