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Local restaurants support AHS

By Elise Frankel Restaurant nights, commonly known as dine and donate, have become a staple fundraiser at Alameda High. Relying on the kindness and cooperation of local restaurants, students form mutually beneficial relationships with these local businesses. 3761

Club celebrates Jewish culture

By Megan Martin Jew Crew is a club that was created at Alameda High in the 2015-2016 school year, drawing students from Jewish backgrounds and students with no knowledge of what Judaism is into one classroom for club meetings every Friday. With the holiday season having come and gone, some of

2017: many opportunities to improve upon 2016

By Talia Soglin Much has been said in the post-election aftermath about the dangers of echo chambers. In think piece after think piece, a well-meaning columnist tells us how failing to listen to diverse perspectives has divided the nation. And they’re right. But 2016 itself was an echo chamber — an