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“[Learning different languages] opens up different ways of thinking in terms of how cultures are represented in countries. It’s very interesting to see because if you know a different language, you think differently because everything is different to you, the way you perceive things. You associate different things with words


“I go to a lot of political protests that are against a lot of what Trump does and what he says.  For example, I went to the women’s march after his election to stand up for women’s rights and rights for everyone. I went to the science march after our


“The dance floor is a place where I can express myself and in ways I don’t really do when I’m walking around school. I get to try new things out and do things that I never knew I could do before. For example, if I was on the pavement or


“There are so many things no one knows about me because in all honesty, we don’t really try to get to know each other here in high school. What people don’t know about me is that I have been living alone for a really long time, and I have kind


“We shouldn’t be so closed off. The school is sort of diverse, but I think we could do better. I am the only African American girl in a lot of my classes. That has been fine over the past four years, but I have been more aware of that, and