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School should reconsider prices for student events

By Shengtong Luo There are a lot of different types of events in AHS that are important to students. From $5 football game tickets to $100 senior prom tickets, the price of school events should be better thought out. Some events are far too expensive, but others could actually cost more

PRIDE program demeans high schoolers

By Brendan Mills For centuries schools have served the function of preparing their students for the world beyond. Students are trained both intellectually and socially, so when the comforts of home are removed, they have all the tools they need to be strong independent adults. Naturally, though there will be many

Teens suffering from cyberbullying should seek help

By Alyssa Sequeira In the United States alone 52% of teens reported being cyberbullied sometime in their life.  Even worse, over 3 million kids are not attending school because of it, according to many online sources. This type of bullying has been around for years affecting all ages, but teens have

Parents wrestle with safety of concerts

By Dahlia Wong The Las Vegas shooting where 58 people died. The Ariana Grande concert bombing in Manchester where 22 people died. As of press time, we learn that yet another shooting occured in Atlanta during a concert. Due to these recent events that happened this year, many parents are concerned