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SNL gets under Trump’s skin

By Victor Mei As of recent, “Saturday Night Live,” also known as SNL, has been spiking in ratings due to its introduction to mocking Trump and his staff. While political satire was always a core part of SNL, it has never before reached this level of popularity. Their political skits, especially

As Netflix changes focus, will viewers win or lose?

By Jay Tinsley Certainly there have been people who have seen the increase in Netflix Originals that have been popping up all throughout Netflix. This increase of Netflix-produced content brings up a question for viewers: Is Netflix becoming less of a content provider and more of a content producer? 3964

Media ban sets dangerous precedent

By Jason Chen White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently banned certain news organizations from attending a briefing--a move that has stoked fears of media repression.  The news organizations banned include CNN, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Buzzfeed News, Politico, BBC, and Guardian--which have all noticeably been critics of the