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Despit minor flaws, gamers love

By Moises Tapia “For Honor” is a good and exciting game to most gamers. It was released in February and takes place in Medieval Europe. Three famous factions--knights, samurai, and the vikings--are at war, mostly for territory and sometimes for vengeance. 3957

‘Logan’ earns high marks from Wolverine fans

By Katie Ly What happens when you have an aging mutant who is slowly poisoned by the adamantium from their skeleton and claws? You get actor Hugh Jackman brilliantly playing a spine-chilling, solemn role of Wolverine in “Logan,” the latest and final Wolverine film of the X-Men series. 3951

Nintendo Switch a flexible innovation

By Konrad Wolfl Unlike its predecessor the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch has come above and beyond as one of the best consoles of this era. With its increased graphics, portability functions, as well as many other properties, it makes other consoles pale in comparison. 3949