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Nash nabs scholarship to Dordt College

By Caelee Johnson and Christina Lam Senior Devin Nash was recently awarded a scholarship to play football for Dordt College in Iowa. When Nash received the offer, he said was excited because he had achieved one of his biggest goals.  “My family was very happy for me.  Seeing that I was

Students, staff face off in volleyball game

By Ashley Heng Students and staff participated in a volleyball match on Wednesday, Feb. 1 during lunch in the new gym. About nine staff members and teachers participated in the intramural event against the junior varsity women's volleyball team, leadership, and other students. Music blasted on the speakers and two nets

Lady Hornets hopeful about new season of hoops

By Dahlia Wong Women’s basketball season has started, marking a period of change for many of the players. Veteran seniors will wrap up their AHS career, while several freshmen will make their mark for the first time on the court. There are also new coaches for each level. Augie Valdez, the

NFL needs an overhaul if it is to survive

By Trevor Robinson Wong Since its conception back in the 1800s, football has always been a tough, rough, full contact sport. Injuries are countless, and the sport has attempted to adjust over time in terms of safety with roughing the passer penalties, clipping, and concussion protocols. With the NFL attempting to

Senior Hornets commit to college athletic programs

By Megan Martin Five committed Hornets are going to make a splash at their intended colleges next year. Catherine Boles is committed to University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) for swimming, Laura Fornshell is committed to Fresno Pacific for swimming, Megan Cvitanovic is committed to Stanford for crew, Alanna Reyes is