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Prolific drama teacher Chacon takes final bow

By Andrea Lee Under the little theatre’s familiar stage light, Frederick Chacon relaxes against a stage prop to discuss his retirement after 29 years at Alameda High. With 35 years of teaching altogether under his belt, Chacon feels that “the time is right” to “let someone more young and charismatic” take

The art of students pursuing music and dance in college

By Nora Lam While many students are going to college in order to receive a higher education, some are planning on doing that along with participating in the performing arts. Jooeun Lim and Kevin Chen, who will both be attending UC Berkeley, are both planning to play music in college, and

Seniors join ROTC and military programs across the nation

By Julia Fanger When most people think of the year after graduation they immediately think of dorm life, parties, and freedom, but many seem to forget the numerous opportunities that accompany a much more regimented lifestyle- the military. 1068