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‘Gatsby:’ 1920s grandeur amid moral decadence

By Gabe Kruglikov “The Great Gatsby” is among the most influential books of its time. A commentary on the hollowness of the extravagant Gilded Age, its point is made by following the life of Nick Carraway, a detached youth who floats through the social circles of the morally bankrupt upper class.

Third ‘Iron Man’ still suits up and soars

By Natalie Hardy The third installment of “Iron Man” premiered in theaters on May 3. As follow up after the movie “The Avengers” and the sequel to “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2”, this movie is sure to leave audiences pleased and entertained from the opening scene to the final credit.

‘Safe Haven’ a reliable bet for all audiences

By Utieyin Etchie Nicholas Sparks is the master of romance. Most notable is his knack for drawing in the female readers. This talent includes titles like “A Walk to Remember,” “The Notebook," “Nights in Rodanthe," “Dear John," “The Last Song” and “The Lucky One.”  “Safe Haven” happens to be another perfect example. 837