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Moyal: Change is inevitable, but still good

By: Ariel Moyal photo courtesy of Alanna Greene The first day of school this year I had a jarring flashback. I slipped into the memory of that same day four years earlier, the first day of freshman year. Braces-clad, Abercrombie-skirt wearing, frizzy-haired, thirteen-year-old me, taking a picture with my two sisters before we

Chen: Letter to past, present, future

By: Janet Chen  photo courtesy of Alanna Greene To myself in the past-- You are a witness of undying passion from those who surround you. Find inspiration in all the different forms of love and sheer conviction you see. Find role models in your peers. High school in particular is such a unique

Hardy: Be happy and positive

By: Natalie Hardy  photo courtesy of Alanna Greene Well here I am, writing my senior farewell, which will shockingly be my last piece of writing to be published for the Oak Leaf newspaper. It’s a little more than bittersweet. In my three years writing for this paper I haven’t been much of

Greene: A unique view of the world: through a lens

By: Alanna Greene Photo courtesy of Aleeza Zinn My Nikon shutter releases in the halls of Alameda High School (AHS), capturing the contemplative gaze of my current subject as he divulges his answer to my question: “Who is your biggest inspiration?” I focus my lens on his eyes, bright embers from the